The BlackBanditSho Radio Show

Episode 4

Amazon Fire TV Gets Disruptive, Hearthstone Gets Expanded, and a feature: The Demise of Used Game Shops

Shola Akinnuso published on

This one took a bit longer than I planned to finish, but don't worry. We're about to go twice a week, and then, fingers crossed, DAILY.  The BlackBanditShow Radio Show is getting closer to the way that I always envisioned it, and in this episode, we'll show off our first feature story about the demise of used gaming shops in the wake of the Gamestop's announcement to reprint and resell rare games!  Also, Samit Sarkar from Polygon sits down with us before heading off to PAX to talk about the potential future of the Amazon Fire TV.  Are you following the stocks? We are, and we round up a look at the publically traded gaming companies so you don't have to!  Follow what's charting in The Breakdown, or you can simply keep up with the summarized news of the week in Bits and Bytes.  

As always, It's the BUSINESS of videogames (with a beat), in this episode of The BlackBanditShow Radio Show! 

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