The Borgo Cast - The Intersections of Dracula

Episode 9

A Little Night Music - Mike Resnick

Dustin Sells published on

Another Cold Reading from a Cold Grave


We are back again with more short fiction, this week: A Little Night Music. Mike Resnick's short story appears in the now out of print, The Ultimate Dracula. Its a collection of short fiction that has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years now. Thanks to this new podcast project, I now have an excuse to read it! I am not going to read the stories in order, rather I am using a randomizer to select a story each time we return to The Ultimate Dracula collection. This week the randomizer chooses, A Little Night Music so here we go!

A Little Night Music is a change of pace for Resnick, who seems to more of a sci-fi writer. I can't say I loved the story, but it is a fun visit to the world of Vampires. There are lots of fun Easter eggs for fans of the Wallachian Count and a heavy metal aesthetic that I kind of enjoy. For more listen below:

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