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Episode 7

"For the Blood is the Life" by Francis Marion Crawford

Dustin Sells published on

That's right, dear listener, we are back with "For the Blood is the Life" by Francis Marion Crawford. This is the first instance of a new show format. Occasionally I will do a show format that I am calling A Cold Reading from a Cold Grave. On those shows (this show is the first one) I will read a vampire or vampire related short story that is out of print or public domain. It's an experiment and there are a half dozen of these slightly longer shows in the can, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this format. The Cold Reads are followed by my hot takes on the story read, because my commitment is to read them for the very first time ever on the air. I will still do longer analysis of novels and films that intersect with all things Dracula, but short fiction seems to get short shrift. We tend only to focus on the longer works and miss a lot a great gems. I discovered some of them last season. Look for that in the back catalogue. Anyhow I see a problem and I intend to fix that here.

"For the Blood" is the Life by Francis Marion Crawford

First of All, you can read the story yourself here.

I'll give a little extra analysis now that I have had a little time to think about it. Note:this is not in the show, you only get this by reading here! First of all, it uses a wrap-around story that I think implies the author is involved in the events, look for the mentions of miners, and servant-women. Secondly, this Vampire doesn't infect, but rather mesmerizes victims only. Thirdly, it's a lady who's aggressive romantically and reflects a thorough fear of empowered femininity. It's pretty good and I think you should check it out.

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