The Borgo Cast - The Intersections of Dracula

Introductions and The Vampyre by John Polidori

Dustin Sells published on

Welcome to The Borgo Cast! Here in the very first episode Introductions are made and we discuss the first fully formed vampire tale, The Vampyre by John Polidori. 

In this episode

Dustin introduces himself and gives a little background about his great love for gothic and vampire fiction. As a film studies PhD student, his interests include genre film which includes everything from Kung-Fu films to Horror. One of those favorite stops for him is the world of the Count from Transylvania. The name of the show is taken from The Borgo Pass, made famous in Bram Stoker's novel, which is the crossroads by which one arrives or leaves Castle Dracula. This podcast will not just look at stories, films, and comics that depict the Count, but also those works that influenced Stoker or have been influenced by him. One of the key adjacent areas of exploration for Dustin will be the gothic novel more broadly and other non-vampire horror fiction that has a strong connection to vampires in general and Dracula in particular.

The text for this short introductory episode, is The Vampyre: A Tale by John Polidori. Here we see what many scholars consider the first fully formed vampire story, composed that same rainy weekend with Lord Byron and the Shelleys which also produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Listen in to hear Dustin's thoughts on this first episode and first fully formed vampire tale.

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