The Borgo Cast - The Intersections of Dracula

Episode 8

Salem's Lot (novel)

Dustin Sells published on

Greetings Children of the Night! I'm back out of the crypt with Salem's Lot, Stephen King's follow-up to Carrie. 

Here the Dracula connections are obvious. Clearly King wants to place Dracula in the US within the fictional Maine city of Salem's Lot. Like Castle Rock and Derry, this is a story that is as much about its place as it is about is characters and plot. This makes a lot of sense, since Dracula is a novel very concerned with real estate. 

Salem's Lot is full of Dracula character parallels and is a rare case of the modernized vampire story that also keeps the Catholic religious stuff in too. 

Finally, the story feels like research and development for King's later novel, IT. That is not a bad thing as I love that book. So tune and listen up for all the Dracula goodness that is Salem's Lot.


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