The Breathwork Podcast
Episode 2

Be in your own Power. Dragos Folea about Freedom and Meditation.

Juliane Husner published on

Dragos Folea, Explorer and Teacher about Meditation, Spirituality and Awareness. 

We talk about the tools, to free your mind from subconcious patterns, the purpose of human existence, and the orgasmic pleasure in meditation and breathwork.

Dragos is the founder of "Upgrade your story", where he offers various Tools for Meditation and Awareness. He says:

"The most valuable discovery that i made is that change is possible. It is possible to be free from Limitation, fear and worry. And the most important it is possible for YOU and for Everyone that want it and seeks it. I am here to share my experience and help other remove Limiting beliefs about them-self and the world."

You find him on and

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