The Breathwork Podcast
Episode 3

Bowing down to the teachers. A Talk with Thyaghi Das about Depression, Meditation and cold water in Brazil.

Juliane Husner published on

In this episode Thyaghi Das tells about his years with Mooji, how Wim Hofs personal Life story affected him, and why he is understanding Depression and chronic Illness as teachers. 

Thyaghi is the founder of English in the pocket. He is a musician, guitarist and composer and experienced Kriya Yoga practicioner. You can find him on fb, YouTube and Sound Cloud. Suffering many years from Bronchitis his journey took him to Pranayama, Self Inquiry and the WH Method. To him, the Breath rules it all. His Vision is freedom from self-limitting belief, based on the idea of separation. Self Observation and truly being yourself, with accepting your imperfections is the road ahead.

Thank you Thyaghi for being my guest in this episode. 



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