The Bucket Seat
Episode 41

$15k Used Car Challenge: Spring Dreaming

trevor byrne published on

I know we're still quite far off from realizing just that, but still, right now may end up being the ideal time to locate and buy a fun car for the approaching spring weather. Someone may have been hanging on to their machine for the winter, and become fed up with the slow season... or, someone may be proactively listing their carving machine now that the first signs of spring are starting to show their face. 

In either case, now may be a great time to find a deal on fun car, and this episode is intended to find whats out there today!  So, stay tuned for episode 41 of the bucket seat podcast, where I embark upon another $15 thoussand dollar used car challenge. 

In this particular challenge, I'll be focusing on vehicles that I think would be great for a spring drive, and a summer project. And I'll give fair warning, I'm not going to say no to my beloved Subaru's just because of their all-wheel-drive..... we all know, that all-wheel drive is just as effective in the spring and summer, as it is in the winter and fall. 

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