The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 6

Couldn't Launch It: From The C&T Vault

Bradley Brownell published on

This episode is one of the never-released original 8 episodes. Cam and I used to talk to each other, just the two of us, and I would record both parts of the conversation with a digital recorder sitting next to my computer speakers. The audio quality is less than optimal, but this was like two whole years ago, so... By this point in our friendship, we'd only ever met one time in person, and we hadn't really developed our "voice" on the podcast yet. Over a hundred episodes later, and we're best buddies. 

Anyway, we talk about "the idea of Cam's Mustang", import laws, Cam was working at NAPA and equates buying parts to buying drugs, Drag racing, and bar fights.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    You know we love you guys but what was this the mumble edition?

    It was actually fun to listen to potty mouth tubbed in the early days... Barely heard cam so it was quite the one sided podcast except for a few whispers from cam......

    My how things have changed...

    Keep up the great work....and keep those Porsches rolling!