The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 128

MGB Fundraiser

Bradley Brownell published on

I literally don't remember what we talked about in this one. I'm tired and hungry/angry (hangry) after a day of strange flights to get from Reno to Austin for the Lone Star Le Mans weekend. I'm here on assignment for, and I'll be driving the new Boxster/Cayman, so look for that to publish soon. In the meantime, you may notice that this episode with Jason and Cam and I is a little shorter than normal. That's by design. We're moving to a two-episodes per week format, with our normal Friday slot as well as a Tuesday post (not specifically on Hooniverse, though the Tuesday episode will be included in our Hooniverse Friday post.). 

Anyway, I'm going to bed. Hope you enjoy this, and keep an ear out for the Tuesday show wherever your Podcasts are downloaded from. 


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