The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 132


Cameron Vanderhorst published on

Brad talks about his Texas Porsche adventure, while Jason is eyeing Porsches of his own. Brad has also been working on his Boxster and 912E; Cam has started handling Porsche parts at work.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Always enjoy your podcast guys. Ran into a few enthusiasts today that had 240z s and was told they can challenge their owners with niggling issues on a continual basis. Thought I'd suggest Jason look at something newer. For less headaches.

    Can't say for sure but wanted to pass it along.

    That 912E is a cool ride. Thanks for posting up photos on Instagram. Any chance you can post up some of your Porsche air cooled flat six. We never see it and rarely hear about it.

    Share some of those beauty shots.