The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 99

Rants With A Capital R

Bradley Brownell published on

It's the original trio back together after a few weeks, Cam, Tub, and Jason are all in the same episode. We had a lot to chat about and it made for a long episode, but a fun one all the same. Tons of new car stuff, lots of upcoming events, some good words, and some chats among friends. Just wait until you hear what Jason has on his desk... I mean shop floor. 

This week's episode includes: The 3 D's, Brad rants about the 911R, More Geneva news, Jason went on a Kia Sportage test drive, Brad's heading to Los Angeles (to the event where he met Jason one year ago), Cam tries to nerd-shame Brad for playing MTG occasionally while sitting on his Warhammer high horse. It's all in good fun.

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  • michael cianci

    why dio so many of these podcasts repeat and play half or more of the audio twice?