The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 113

Time Out For Configurator Fun

Cameron Vanderhorst published on

Cam, Brad, and Jason are joined this week by Eric Simpson from the Top Dead Centered Podcast. While the guys may talk about Jail Cars on a regular basis, Eric actually put his money where his mouth is and bought a Jail Truck, so he talks about that. The guys also try out a new segemnt called Configurator Fun, where we all build our idealized version of a given car using the manufactuer's online configurator. Jason is sick, but keeps it together for the duration like the trooper he is!

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  • KaAn Elias

    Nothing spins in CIS beside the fuel pump. Most Problems are clogged channels in fuel distributor due to rust. ( iron or alloy block with hoses output). The piston inside moves up and down can get stuck on its way. Other thing on cars with Lamba Control have a some kind of TPS (black box on the side of the air flap the moves the piston inside the fuel distributor) this part do a feedback to the ECU. If this part fail then the motor can stop in idle because of the idle air bypass valve shuts down the engine by make it to rich or lean (most to lean). The idle air bypass valve is also a common part that fails after years.
    If you check the basics non stuck piston/clogged channels ... fuel pressure from the pump. Good spark at all cylinders you got half the work done and in most cases the car runs. And if you have the K Jetronic with the warm regulator also this one fails after year such as the pressure regulator on the KE version.
    If you have the KE Jetronic ECU in the size of two smart phones unplug it ... have a drive.... no difference there then the ECU or power supply failed.

  • michael cianci

    Is it just me or does almost everyone of your episode it somehow repeats itself at some point while I'm not paying attention? I definitely heard the thing about top gear and car shows that aren't good that we all still watch for the info twice.