The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast
Episode 36

Tub's Talks - An Interview With Sara Schultz of the Piquette Plant Museum

Bradley Brownell published on

Last week I had a chance to conduct a skype interview with my friend Sara regarding her position at the Ford Piquette Plant musuem. It is known as the birthplace of the Ford Model T, and thus practically the birthplace of the automobile. Sara's office is in the exact same place where Henry Ford kept his office back when the plant was still operational. How cool is that?

Go to for more details. It's only 10 dollars for an adult entrant, and make sure to ask for Sara, as she'll give you an excellent tour of the facilities. 

The last two or three minutes of her side of the audio failed, so I'm just talking to empty space for a little while. Sorry about that!

Go give it a listen, it's a fun time.

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