The Car Help Podcast
Episode 27

Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars to Maintain, and Auto Parts Class Action Lawsuit

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This week we have Farid Kanji from Farid's Auto Centre joining us on the show to discuss car maintenance. We talk about a new study on the most expensive and least expensive cars to maintain over 10 years. We evaluate each make and compare them to our real world experience. We also talk about a new class action lawsuit against German automakers BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes claiming that they have fixed the price of auto parts for the past two decades. We weigh in on the matter and share out thouhts. All on this week's episode. 

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  • Blake Peterson

    Toyota's low maintenance costs can be attributed to several factors. One, their parts and labor are typically very reasonable. Two, Toyota doesn't build unnecessary complexity into their cars simply because they can. Three, Toyota moved away from timing belts, in favor of timing chains, on most of their engines in the early 2000's. Four, Toyota builds more hybrids than anyone else. Hybrids have much longer maintenance intervals than non-hybrids. They're also the king of long term reliability for some of the same reasons, among others.