The Cast That Drips Blood
Episode 17

The Van Damage! Action Show - 06/04/2018

Deadite Dave ???? published on

The Van Damage Action Show is a mostly, bi-weekly podcast that focuses on the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as the VHS Action Review segment that reviews various types of action films. We may even review other obscure or unknown action gems.  So, join stEVIL kinEVIL and his sister Nic Nightingale as they talk about Jean-Claude Van Damme on their bi- weekly action segment called, "The Van Damage Action Show!"

This week, we discuss Class Of 1999 (1990). VHS Action Review: Desert Heat/Inferno (1999).

Intro/outro theme beats created by The Aphids, consisting of stEVIL kinEVIL (Steven Francis) and CoCo Bear (Cody Terry). For more informaiton on The Aphids, contact myself or CoCo Bear (Facebook: Cody Terry/Instagram: @cocobearsnake)

stEVIL kinEVIL - Instagram: @stevil.kinevil/Facebook: StEvil KinEvil/Letterboxd: eraserhead_666
Nicole: - Instagram: @glycerinequeen13/Facebook: Nicole Francis/Letterboxed

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