The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 10

#10 - Double Take (2009)

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The boys have returned for a new episode of The Cast Who Knew Too Much. As the Cast continues to move beyond Hitch's work, they take a look at Double Take. Double Take is a 2009 avant-garde documentary from director Johan Grimonprez. Arthur and Dustin brewed their strongest cups of Folger's coffee and attempt to unpack this fascinating film.

Double Take can best be described as a discussion of Cold War paranoia. The film is framed through the lens of the filming of The Birds, Folger's commercials, and Cold War politics. Arthur and Dustin attempt to break apart these aspects and how they work together to give the documentary's meaning. They bring up comparisons to the work of the Soviet Montage filmmakers. They also speak to the dialectic nature of the montage construction of the film. Finally, Dustin raises the key question—a thesis for the remainder of this show. Will Hitch be remembered as an artist or a brilliant businessman.

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