The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 11

#11 - Hitchcock's Films Revisited

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The Cast Who Knew Too Much returns to finish out 2016. On this week's show, Arthur and Dustin get in-depth on Hitchcock studies by talking Robin Wood's seminal text, Hitchcock's Films Revisited. They give a brief overview of the books premise and primarily focus on the introductary and retrospective chapters of the book. They examine Robin Woods' approach to film criticism and analysis. A focus which emphasizes film as a fluid object that adapts and changes and meets critics where they are. 

Dustin also highlights the auteur theory and how Woods approaches that. Dustin calls out the different markers that Woods identifies for auteur studies. Arthur and Dustin next try to break each one of these markers down and get more indepth on how to use and apply these markers. After all of this, they underline some of their favorite moments and takeaways from the text of Hitchcock's Films Revisited. 

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