The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 6

#6 - Young and Innocent

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The Hitchcock cast is back! This week, Arthur and Dustin return to talk about one of Hitch's last films in Britain, Young and Innocent (1937) or as it was released in America, The Girl was Young. Young and Innocent leaves us with only two more films in Britain before Hitchcock goes to America. The hosts were both pleasantly pleased with this overlooked gem and spend much time talking about the formalist techniques, Hitch's deviation from normal style, censorship, and a troubling scene involving heavy makeup. 

But through it all, both Arthur and Dustin herald Young and Innocent as a strong feature that hasn't been given its due. Arthur speaks to the film's tone and aesthetic claiming that its more in line with the screwball comedies of the time as made popular by It Happened One Night (1934). Dustin reinforces this by speaking to the films lack of pervasive elements. The conversation also moves into questions of style versus auteurism as sparked by a discussion of Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010) for the GoodTrash GenreCast - a sister show of TCWKTM. FInally, much time is spent deliberating on the censorship of the birthday sequence which was removed from the American release of the film - a decision neither Arthur, Dustin, or Hitchcock himself could really understand. 

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