The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 7

#7 - The Lady Vanishes

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Good evening, the Cast Who Knew Too Much is back and is nearly through with Hitchcock in Britain. This week, Arthur and Dustin take a look at The Lady Vanishes (1938). The countdown to America continues as Jamaica Inn looms on the horizon. 

Your fearless hosts return to endlessly praise one of Hitchcock's early gems. Both hosts love this movie, and have no problem talking about it and dissecting it. Dustin and Arthur talk about montage and the importance of that particular technique. Most of Hitchcock's greatest hits are here: stylistic flourishes, perversion of ideals and visual mastery. However, this movie is extremely notable for its rapid-fire script. Foreshadowing a style of writing that would become prominent with the rise of Billy Wilder and other Hollywood filmmakers. The screenplay doesn't stop--firing off jokes, entendre and wit at breakneck speed.

So, grab your notebooks and gather around; class is in session. 

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