The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 8

#8 - Jamaica Inn

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The Cast Who Knew Too Much is back to tackle the film that is often regarded as Hitchcock's worst, Jamaica Inn. The hosts have been going extremely hesitant to visit Jamaica Inn, but the results of their findings may shock you. 

Arthur and Dustin have a blast talking about a film that is considered lesser Hitch. But, there are still some things worth highlighting here. Come on, its Hitchcock meets pirates. There is fun to be had there. After giving their initial reactions, Arthur and Dustin talk a lot about the production of the film and what was going on in Hitch's life at the time. They also talk about the visual elements of the movie and how it stands out visually in surprising ways. A new segment then rears its head following in the vein of the last episode as Arthur recasts a modern Jamaica Inn. 

And there you have it Hitch's last studio film in Britain. Which means we're going to have some extra-HITCH-licular fun. First, we're taking a look at a spinoff of The Lady Vanishes, then we're going to look at some of Hitch's silent work and quite possibly wrap the season up with a book. This will be the idea every season, to present several of Hitch's works at different times in his life, and then follow those with a few of the films he influenced, books about Hitchcock and his works, and so forth.  

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