The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 4

Secret Agent

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The Masters of Podcast Suspense return! That's right Arthur and Dustin are back this month with some more Hitch and this month we take a look at Secret Agent (1936). After a strong showing with The 39 Steps, Hitch returns with another Gaumont British production - one of two that he would direct in 1936. Full disclosure peeps, neither host was blown away by this effort. In fact, not even Peter Lorre could save the day here, mostly because his racist character is quite unsettling. 

Dustin and Arthur try their best to crack this egg open. We further explore the tropes of Hitchcock as we see two repeat players cast in Secret Agent. Madeleine Carroll, who we last saw in The 39 Steps, is once again Hitch's leading lady. We are also joined once again by Peter Lorre as The General. Lorre worked with Hitch previously on The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934). Both hosts had high expectations for this one because of those two players alone, but were both quickly deflated upon watching the film. Your fearless hosts then explore ideas of racism, formalism and technique, and foreign policy. Finally, the discussion wraps with the Casts' first discussion of coded homosexuality in Hitch's work - of which Hitch himself comments on in Hitchcock/Truffaut. 

As always, thank you for tuning in Dear Listener. We hope you enjoy what you're hearing on The Cast Who Knew Too Much - are you a fan of Secret Agent? Were we off with our theories and criticism? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section. Until next time,  

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