The Cast Who Knew Too Much

Episode 2

The Man Who Knew Too Much ('34 & '46)

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This week on The Cast Who Knew Too Much, hosts Dustin Sells and Arthur Gordon are back via your podcasting devices to talk Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much from 1934 and Hitch’s remake from 1956 of the same title.

We decided to go back in time and start with Hitch’s career while he was at Gaumont Studios in Britain. The original 1934 film was his second feature for Gaumont and turned out to be one of his early successes both in Britain and the States. We thought that this was as good a place to start as any. The Man Who Knew Too Much does a lot to set the stage for Hitchcock’s career. The style that he would nail down, and the themes that he would tackle again, and again. We then look at it in comparison to the 1956 remake that Hitch directed while at Paramount where he placed one of his most well known collaborators, Jimmy Stewart, in the lead role.

In this episode, we’ll talk a bit about where Hitch was in his career when he decided to tackle these films. We take a look at the way women and mothers are both portrayed here and if that challenges the common conceptions of Hitch’s work. And finally, we discuss some of the key elements of Hitch’s oeuvre which are present as early as 1934.

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