The Chillzone
Episode 29

Episode 29: Getting to the core of crab core, and not crabs...which Edin eventually figured out.

Edin Mehic published on

Join us this episode as we dive into the world of crab core and explain why you should never listen to it...again. We have special guest Zach on the show, a badass dude in a punk band with opinions that feel good in our ears. And so, with Jordan being in a badass band too,  Edin is officially super weak by comparison in this episode. If you don't know what crab core is, this one is perfect for you. If you do know what crab core is, this one is also still perfect for you. What can we say, we make perfect content. Unlike crab core bands. Bonus: we learn about Pittsburgh a bunch, so definitely stick around for that. 

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