The Contemporary College Student Podcast
Episode 5

Season 3: The College Dropout

Michelle Boettcher published on

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is currently the most controversial name in hip-hop; yet his fame originated with an unlikely brag, being a college dropout. For 20 minutes, Chase Coleman will talk you through a brief analysis of the skits and songs that make The College Dropout the timeless classic that it is today, and why the issues that impacted Kanye’s collegiate success still exist for today’s contemporary student.


Resources to Maximize Your Overall Listening Experience:

The College Dropout (Spotify) -

The College Dropout (Genius - Lyrics and Annotations) -


Resources to Enhance Your Listening Experience: Intro, We Don’t Care, Graduation Day

Role of student-faculty interactions in developing college students’ academic self-concept, motivation, and achievement -


Resources to Enhance You Listening Experience: Workout Plan, The New Workout Plan

Welcome to the men’s club: Homosociality and the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity -

Nelly, 2003 -

50 Cent, 2003 -

Kanye, 2003 -


Resources to Enhance Your Listening Experience: School Spirit Skit 1, School Spirit, School Spirit Skit 2

Here’s what universities are saying about the alleged college admissions cheating scandal -

Basically all the tea you need to know about me (boys, college, youtubers) by Olivia Jade-

Kanye West gets honorary doctorate degree in Chicago -

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