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Episode 18

The Hierarchy TrapHouse!

Michelle Boettcher published on

This episode explores the implications of cultural artistic expressions of hip-hop and rap music and how these platforms can aid in creating inclusive educational spaces to decentralize whiteness in higher education. Through examining dynamics of artistic expressions, we will discuss how these practices relate to addressing student identity development, mental health, advising and supporting, and cultural education.Resources


Yosso Community Cultural Wealth 

Bettina Love - TEDxUGA

AD Carson

Kendrick Lamar visits school that uses his songs in curriculum

Song Lyrics


Higher – Ice Cube (1995)

Walking through campus with my backpack 
Bailin' to orientation 
So I can change the nation 
See many faces but none of 'em mirror me 

Show my ID to the punk ass security 
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad 


I come from the land of the Bloods and the Crips (What's up nigga) 
Don't like scholarships because they hurt me 
Nothin' but a slave to the university 
That's why ya see me on the track field run by ya 
Caught by a liar who want to take me higher


Down to kick the asses of the fascists 
Who want to put me in the oven and burn me to ashes 
But I'm not burnin' the world keeps turnin' 
And nobody learnin' 
'Cause college is full of shit 
Teachin' me to memorize nothin' but the lies 
Chillin' at a rally for peace 
The beast from white power up in the tower 
With the M-1 gun and a scope on dope 
Thinkin' he's the great white hope 


Ni**er (The Slave and the Master) – Nas (2008)

They say we N I - Double G E R
We - are - much more,
Still we choose to ignore,
The obvious.
Man this history don't acknowledge us,
We was scholars long before colleges.
They say we N I - Double G E R
We are much more,
But still we choose to ignore,
The obvious.
We are the slave and the master,
What you looking for?
You the question and the answer.


Black America Again – Common (2016)

The new plantation, mass incarceration
Instead of educate, they'd rather convict the kids
As dirty as the water in Flint, the system is
Is it a felony or a misdemeanor?
Maria Sharapova making more than Serena
It took Viola Davis to say this
The roles of the help and the gangstas is really all they gave us


Endangered in our own habitat
Them guns and dope, man, y'all can have it back
As a matter of fact, we them lab rats
You build the projects for, now you want your hood back
I guess if you could rap, you would express it too
That PTSD, we need professionals
You know what pressure do, it make the pipes bust
From schools to prison, y'all, they tryna pipe us
Tell your political parties invite us
Instead of making voting laws to spite us


Maya – Rapsody (2019)

I ain't a new slave, my new wave, the new negro
Ain't on the web, but it's W. E. B, key holes unlock 'em
No thinkin' toxic, you mis-educated, like Lauryn with the 'locks in
If you confuse my boxin' with me being boxed in (never)
It's my native language, ain't gotta say it in Moccasins
Whatever I be rockin' in, I speak the truth, like 222 times 2, yeah
That's 444, better than before
Be three times the lady like we sang in Commodores
Knowin' I can't, I can't

I can't be no bird in a cage
My bad, I don't run away, no
We got the juice, we got the crew
Momma always told me don't waste your time
I can't be no bird in a cage


Dedication – Nipsey Hustle ft. Kendrick Lamar (2018)

Young black nigga trapped and he can't change it
Know he a genius, he just can't claim it
'Cause they left him no platforms to explain it
He frustrated so he get faded
But deep down inside he know you can't fade him
How long should I stay dedicated?
How long 'til opportunity meet preparation?
I need some real nigga reparations

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