The Cowboy & Cherry : Short Show
Episode 19

Alexa, Stop!!!

Jason Curtman published on

Sharknado, our favorite movies and the worst movies.
Fabian in a Jimmy Stewart movie.  Beach movies.  Annette and her peanut butter.  The Mickey Mouse Club through the years. Star Wars Movies. The time I wanted to by a Delorean.  The TV show, Quantum Leap. I thought my Echo Dot had called the police on me!  Tattoos are like historical movies,  I'm fascinated by them but I have no personal interest in one.  Things that annoy us that are popular.  What kind of business we would open.  Bullet journaling. Public speaking. Verbal Judo. Sarah is a night person, I am a morning person. Gus' Pretzels in St. Louis. Childhood things we missed out of.  The old candy store. Our favorite Candies!   

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