The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 3

Anthology Medina - "Genius Grows in the Meadows of Obscurity"

Elizabeth Puckett published on

"Genius Grows in the Meadows of Obscurity"
Quote from American Artist - Morris Graves


Even in municipal (publicly funded) exhibitions, 90% of visual artists DO NOT get paid...

With this information, the Artist collective aims for civic social reform, through psychological unification on global scale, there is certainly a grey area, regarding a "Return on investment" (so to speak) in visual (audio & performing) arts, providing relief for those who struggle to provide the world with images, music, and lore, providing the world with new sensory connections, to make sense of our paradoxical human heritage.

This return on investment is a type of economy that has not been commanded by Artists as much as it grievously delegates an imbalance of power through it's investors, its unfortunate success. in privatizing human culture, has clearly resulted in new creative ways... to launder money, perhaps.

But in the assemblance of a legal presentation to assert the role of the Arts, as it is destined to eventually function, as a global self-governing conscious. The incredible diversity of complications experienced by the American artist, provides macro-economic evidence of a cultural failure to meet our cultural-economic potential, that illustrates our capitalist arts' modern status, primarily as 'muzak', it's world-wide aims of 'Sublimating God', honing a backdrop of power, primarily in regards to the California Industry.

With the current state of a cultural cold war on global scale, I am putting together contemporary artist testimonials, in order to reveal this psychological web, of archetypal symbolism, and it's interplay with our means of defining success, family, power, love, hate, and lack of 21st century economic solutions, that has led towards the decay... in applied ethics, humanities... our consumer market culture is currently experiencing... This study will also include philosophy and artistic disciplines across human history...

One cannot divorce cause and effect and call it science. If there are starving artists in the world, there is no such thing, as science...

Because, as American Kids are shooting each other in school, The Louvres signs a 2 billion dollar deal. with Abu Dabi... which merely included a staff of curatorial, cultural attache, and publications deals with the Brand France (Also Bill Gates) have established. Demonstrating an area of economics, that American politicians have, regretfully, been inadequate... to appraise it's potential... in domestic gross profitability.

America 2016

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