The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 2

Anthology Medina - Subliminal Biennale Post-Newage Liberalism

Elizabeth Puckett published on

"They frequently over­indulge in fine whines, appear naïve about political realities and prefer emotionally satisfying gestures to incremental but significant change. "




San Francisco is possibly the most European city in America

now that SAN FRANCISCO has the right to a gay marriage, again.  On it's journey to find itself,  they must remember not to sign a prenub. 

As Californian Politics continues to shape its resplendence by manipulating an acress' physiological sense of identity, Arizona still cultivates it's own legends in the wild west 


As Gender constructs elevate the art of racism to new heights, agent provocateurs drive a nation of enlightened self-interested individuals to eventually require some mutual interest.  False journalism, False charity, false security, separate almost no distinction between “action liberals” and “movement liberals.”  But a conservative project constructed for the demands of an increasingly interdependent world, after making a reassessment of human facility of the senses, returns our appreciation towards Brunalesco's Perspective as Myers Briggs laws of Perception change how we measure the organs of thought, in what has long been considered our biological unknowable mystery.   Mexican cartels armed by American administration, California droughts, and French Revolution reminds Hoover Dam of the Bastille,  Ai wei wei's Alcatrez Prison Museum Exhibit demands that the California dukes of prolific corrections union, reconsider their hard exterior, as the Louvres 1.8 billion dollar deal with Abu Dabi, set a palace of slaves free, you free a master too.  But America's weekly school shooting holds a more cynicle lesson in store, remembering the importance of learning. 


"Dreamy idealists whose hearts and moral imagination can power the deepest social change (notably the women’s movement and the civil rights movement).  Many Democrats are an uneasy combination of realpolitik and “gesture politics,” which makes for a complicated approach toward governing."

In the words of Steely Dan, Only a fool would say that.


As a rolling ball of media ambition casts it's immaculate shadow on a generation of NRA mystery orphans, those caught in the middle who have seen y2k swooop into 911, are urged to be reminded of a host of rights beyond the necessity of the right to bear firearm.

In Arizona, Subliminal productions hosts an international cultural affairs assembly, dry from the waters of a cia approved cold war ocean of cognitive dissonance. For

In that self decieving poor man schoool of acting, some great desperation can someday allow cultural integrity to rises as apposed to inflation.   With cultural integrity comes the end of censorship.   As women and minorities, are expected to deliver success in the workplace, they are not always capable of rendering themselves stronger for it, in the confusion of tolerance, as aposed to equality, a jealousy collective arises.   A media pulpit devoid of principles and values acts as a dirty mirror, with the viewer under an impression that they are more valid in their appearance than they truly are, and that Competence equalled to insecurity renders in the psyche, a silent surrender to inferiority complex.  And it is an inferiority complex, more than money, that is the true root of all evil.


  As the first generation of school shooters, experience their return of saturn, a coming of age ceremony is in play.  Subconsciously understanding they have been corralled for reasons far beyond their control, the mass concious body must heal.  Subliminal productions, part of this demographic, expands its affect, with community activism in addressing humanity ostersization, 

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