The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Candy Tran

Elizabeth Puckett published on

 In the mid-90s the federal government created a new program that gave local housing authorities millions of dollars to demolish severely deteriorated public housing buildings and build new homes in their stead. Much like the projects were in their early years, these new communities were premised on the idea of uplifting the poor. However, having given up on the idea that architecture and design could save the poor from their poverty, planners and politicians turned to the concepts of “mixed-income housing.” The thing that would surely save the poor, they thought, was proximity to richer neighbors. At another meeting a community activist criticizes a city official for not consulting with Cabrini-Green residents before launching into demolitions.  She chastises the man for interrupting her. “You interrupted a way of life over here 

“Indifference is a Form of Escapism, 
Whorephaning Us All”


Sunset in the Hills of backcountry “PTSD” Desolate Paris (Post Trauma San Diego), Trannie and the little Whorphans Sex Slavs (All 20-60 year old California Males) Camp out in a sex slave camp, having just jumped the border into America.  Madam Slag'amen regales them of stories of their mythical sex slavekeepers, their own personal “fucks” “Fucks (Volks)” “volks” A mythical loveing couple that will one day adopt them Ass their sex pet, give them a Pig AssS in the hills, and make all their little dreams come true.  

“little whorphan Trannie”


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