The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Freedom & Secrecy - It just couldn't be.

Elizabeth Puckett published on

Francis Stoner Saunders reads excerpts in a press conference during a tour to promote her year 2000 publication, on the American Weimar, a cryptopatron of a backlist of cultural affairs, publications, philharmonic symphony orchestral, etc,  The high fashion symbols of strong inner/outer beauty of the day.
Who's careers, did not involve,

rocking the boat,

Freedom & Secrecy

Try as it may...

It just couldn't be.

In a test 
to confuse the American imagination
Far far away 
from it's masterful,
known everywhere;
smooth operator
Telling the story of a false dawn of American celebrity,

whos reputation became questionable,

after an investigation by Ramparts magazine back in the 1960s,

during the Vietnam unrest. Evoking a difficulty therein,

talking about a history,

no one knows.  

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