The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

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Elizabeth Puckett published on

Yet inflation opiates, constipates, economic circulation, obstructing

honor, dignity, at each vulnerable, individual energy level,

Hiding inside all that work we earned a chunk of our own obstruction.

The thundering inner threat of homelessness, makes us kiss the hand

we ought to break, in deed, young lady, all promises are meant to be


A charade of toughness...

a way of avoiding feeling...

Commercial-Judicial Motivationalism 1


Art 2 as the Self-Governing Conscious 3

Preaching Fear, Enforces Trust.

1 Narrative Definitions of Success, and use of Fear to control the Masses, vs Celebrity

Electromagnetic mind model.

2 “The basic project of art is always to make the world whole and comprehensible, to restore it

to us in all its glory and its occasional nastiness, not through argument but through feeling,

and then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you, and in this way pass

from feeling to meaning. It's not something that committees can do. It's not a task achieved

by groups or by movements. It's done by individuals, each person mediating in some way

between a sense of history and an experience of the world.” Robert Hughes, The Shock of the


3 Public Agreement in Defining Symbolism for business communication purposes.

Preach Death, Enforce LIfe. 4

? "What strip mining is to nature

the art market has become to culture."

An introduction to the cultural cold war

"Nothing they design

ever gets in the way

of a work of art."

? A willful interpretation of


? "A determined soul 5 will do more with a rusty

monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish

with all the tools in a machine shop."


4 Moral Defense

DJ LAWYER post-willing

5 Commercial-Judicial Motivationalism

? "Genius Grows in the

Meadows of Obscurity"

American Artist Morris Graves

Who are we, what are we doing here, where are we going?

The origins of consciousness, through what we have created.

A gift to you, from your ancestors

in gratitude, for our eons of confusion.

Earth is what we earthists make it.

We are strong

but illusions of success,


leadership a total illusion.

Millennials inherit the asylum

Without the knowledge of a vast difference,

between kindness

and weakness,

emperors and beggars,

ultra goddess,


and the devil.

I am emperor of the minute,

Born into this.

We have all truly earned this.

Calculating our Life

since the days of Moses.

But Crap entitlement,

and misguidance by possession's mega-illusion,

could never stray us

from life's merciful

and brave


-Zabet Pucket

Hughes on Cezanne: "The idea that doubt 6 can be heroic, if it is

locked into a structure as grand as that of the paintings of

Cezanne's old age, is one of the keys to our century. A

touchstone of modernity itself."

Hughes on Caravaggio: "Popular in our time, unpopular in his. So

runs the stereotype of rejected genius 7 ."

-Robert Hughes


hyper cognitive symbolism

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