The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Jennifer Saunders - Comedy Gender Politics

Elizabeth Puckett published on

 It is now well known and a common story that when he had killed Aper,

the prefect of the guard, he declared, it is said, "At last I have killed my fated Boar." 5 My

grandfather also used to say that Diocletian himself declared that he had no other reason for

killing him with his own hand than to fulfill the Druidess' prophecy and to ensure his own rule. 6

For he would not have wished to become known for such cruelty, especially in the first few days

of his power, if Fate had not impelled him to this brutal act of murder.

p4417 We have written of Carus, we have written, too, of Numerian, and now there still remains

Carinus.36 16 Legamen ad paginam Latinam He was the most polluted of men, an adulterer

and a constant corrupter of youth (I am ashamed to relate what Onesimus has put into writing),

and he even made evil use of the enjoyment of his own sex. 2 He was left by his father as

Caesar in Gaul and Italy and in Illyricum, Spain, Britain, and Africa, all of which had been voted

to him, and he exercised there a Caesar's powers, but with the permission to perform all the

duties of an Augustus.37 Then he defiled himself by unwonted vices and inordinate depravity, 3

he set aside all the best among his friends and retained or picked out all the vilest, and he

appointed as city-prefect one of his doorkeepers,38 a baser act than which no one can conceive

or relate. 4 He slew the prefect of the guard whom he found in office 5 and put in his place

Matronianus, one of his clerks and an old procurer, whom he had always kept with him as

accomplice and assistant in debaucheries and lusts. 6 He appeared in public as consul contrary

to his father's wish.39

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