The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Millenia Medina Recommendation Letters to whom it may concern

Elizabeth Puckett published on

For in this fear of a crushing temptation to dream a future, free of impatient novelty...
only the bravest, most ingenuitive creators of historical record, carry a trait making history cautious to tactics of hardwired fabricated history, where the burden of talent to balance with human knowledge is casually regarded as a gambling crime. Realizing oneself to be morally obligated to the symbols responsible in a culture that has split as disastrously as ours has, the sophistication necessary to comprehend one's other climbers of this tree of knowledge of good and evil, having conquered these spectrums, a young Anthony Medina, had placed priority to the substance of his Nation's expression.

During a time when the unfolding of a catastrophic level of information newly made available, As an architect of Free Will, Anthony J Medinawould have to be the product of an American Identity The Global Entrepreneurs of Millennia have been waiting for. Incredibly loyalty to the rapidly evolving variables, when a national esteem of self-interest collides with a tsunami of talent in new media technologies, and instead of defaulting to the scapegoating, that claim the wind of so many of his constituents, Anthony Medina looking what upont some call a pretty severe understatement of the rough century sledding. And there is no team that could fail to prosper immensely from humbling themselves, to his acute awareness.

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