The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1


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The Foundation Stone of Higher Consciousness

“Consciousness programming is centered at the Great Pyramid, known as the Foundation Stone. The “consciousness forces” of the Great Pyramid are cued with specific starpoints which work planetary time warp areas. Time warp fields are like energy pyramids. Earths magnetic field and the solar flares caused by the suns celestial movement meet at certain energy vortices. These time warp vortices are connected with the stars and the ancient astrophysical stations of Light upon the Earth.
The Great Pyramid is aligned with Mintaka, Epsilion and Zeta (Alnitak in Tak-Orion). These are the central controls or region of the “positive programming” used by the Elohim Lords of Light to connect the galaxies to our Father Universe. Within our galactic quadrant these threshold controls are necessary in coordinating celestial navigation between universes.
All three civilizations used pyramids of Light which also exist on higher matter-energy planes in the Takla Makan area, the Peruvian area of South America, the Bermuda Triangle 
The pyramids were used as initiation points for the “vehicles of the Dove”, those who reign with the Brotherhood of Light. Thus, the return of the Dove is directed to the previous initiation points built along pyramidal grids.”  Master Ophanim Enoch.” — J.J. Hurtak Keys of Enoch

“The being asked if I were ready to go with him to the Father’s midst, and I said I was.” — J.J. Hurtak
64 Keys of Enoch that explain how the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation will be broken (decoded).

Earth’s solar system enters an electromagnetic null zone, a vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation.”

“The change of the electromagnetic density in the Earth’s atmosphere will activate some species to become more violent and other species to more Christ-like as man is pulled either into an upward spiral of Light or negated by the breakdown of the old electromagnetic frequency. This will bring about a complete reorganization of the Earth’s life system…”
“Before the new story of creation happens, the Earth will go through gross geo-magnetic and catastrophic changes as the magnetic regions of the North and South Pole release ‘their torque,’ spinning the shell (crustal surface) of the Earth into the new program of existence.”
“For behold, the field is white and ready for harvest… the Creator of this local ‘galactic universe’ will gather the remaining righteous on this Earth who will be ‘graduated’ to go on to Light-Life worlds.”
“And it will occur after the wars between the Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness that a ‘New Age’ will occur for all of mankind surviving the great changes…”
“There is a forming of the new worlds at this time for there is to be soon existent new planets… The Nine shall place upon the new realms those ‘physical souls’ who have perfected themselves upon the Earth plane. Those souls who have evolved to the highest point of advancement on Earth shall be of the New Creation.”
“The younger souls of the faithful who survive the old program will become the physical seed of the Christ people upon the planet. The faithful who are already initiated into the many gifts will be taken to other planets. This will come to pass only after the unrighteous are removed from the face of the earth. At that time the earth will be in a new electromagnetic orbit and there will be new heavens and new earth.” — J.J. Hurtak

Thoth and the Great Tree of Life

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