The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Rupaul Desdemona Willing Recepti Cultural death of the Goddesss

Elizabeth Puckett published on

There is no such thing as a woman's defence.

A piece of land cannot speak, if a possession can know anything it has limits.

The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of spirit, that is really just the single, straight line down at the beginning of GOD The female of the species is more deadly than the male  “Do not interrupt me again, even if you hear something extravagant like”: “I am Jesus Rapist Father, here to make sure he lives.”

On october 2nd I crossed into Mexico, not knowing it was the day, I would get my wish, to anticipate the relevant, tactful audience I wanted to tell about two specific San Diego Rapists who are more or less, my age.  The famous, fatherless John Gardner, apprehended in 2009 who is currently incarcerated, and the less notorious, Industrialist son Jack Doshay apprehended 2015 who is, to his father’s, his attorney's, also possibly to a number of wealthy rapists as well as his own relief, not currently, incarcerated.  Trust is how we fear.

“Do we believe in Female Heroes or just high-class prostitute mothers?”

"Them that ask no questions they Isn't told a lie.

Watch the Wall my Darling, while the Gentlemen go by."

-Rudyard Kipling's The Smuggler's Song from "Puck of Pook's Hill"

My dear attorney, Kenan perhaps did not understand why I so wanted to show the jury my interrogation on October 3rd, I am guessing he didn’t believe I consciously knew how I had managed to get the detectives to cease questioning.  as I responded;

"They don't call women willing receptacles for nothin’."

This World Which Is Made of Our Love for Emptiness.

 Knowing is creative action's palace.

Before my charges of transportation had even taken place anticipating this very event, here.   I had offered my Sex with Animals Series.  To Doshay’s top performing defense attorney, Paul Pfingst, after he had taken another affluenza case  successfully defending a San Diego industrialists son, Jack Doshay, a 22 year old's helplessness after his father suspected he may have had attempted to kidnap a local 7 year old .    His father’s psychiatrist had no choice but to report it, since there had been a prior offense.   Facing real consequences in today's willing receptacle rapist non-disciplinary male culture, I figured the venerable Paul Pfingst was being eaten alive by feminist coyotes, so grace as law,  I presented to him an offer, to display in his offices ladies bathroom, my Sex with Animals Series of original paintings I was encouraged to make during my time as a protege to Shirl Goedike, struggling with the confusion of being confused as a prostitute, as a means to address sexist behavior and tolerance.   This Sex with Animals Series included rock tableaus Cedar Creek and Indian Maiden Falls in San Diego, particular locations used in rite of passage, for San Diego natives, these important rituals public affair,  Indian Maiden Falls is where the coming of age ceremony for young Tipai women, native to San Diego, Na'ii'ees just so happens to be a short distance from where in 2009 Chelsea King was raped and murdered by fatherless, John Gardner,  just  a month earlier there had been an attempted rape and murder of Candace Moncoya.

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