The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

set her freak

Elizabeth Puckett published on

In an effort to celebrate our accolades, dispel a diverse range of disputes and rally support, in front of a live audience, building before their very ears, a polemic bridge of public narrative over the treacherous gap between ours, and their generations.


(Optional Scenario)

Cameron Flanders Correspondant  Live from Washington,


the family dynamic here is quite amazing:

it's a single mom raising her 20 year old kids. but they technically pay the rent. they are hateful and mistrustful of each other and it quite often breaks out into light domestic disturbances with odd weapons such as cats or spears




(Question 1 )

"Besides the use of fire-arms, what options are available for the protection of the people, in a cultural cold war, where conventional defense tactics cannot protect our urban community, rural community or for that matter any of our loved ones from the distressing physiological consequences commercial manipulation plays out on the new generation's psyche's? "


(Here is where it gets tragic)


(IDEAL RESPONSE as a mother to America, speaking on behalf of the struggle with tensions in mexico as well as the totalitarian treatment of post-columbine/new voters.)




(Answer 1)

With the current options we have limiting the states utilization of non-monetary confiscation transactions as a means towards restorative state justice,

That is a difficult question to answer but Certainly racism is not an option.


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