The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 2

Sophia Pistis - a Divine Court of Law

Elizabeth Puckett published on

"When in the height heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name."

Legend of the Creation to the Legend of the Dragon in much the same way as the editor of the Gilgamish Legends

included an account of the Deluge in his narrative of the exploits of his hero.

All forms of the Legend of the Creation and of the Dragon were popular in Babylonia,

and one of them achieved so much notoriety that the priest employed recited it as an incantation.

Here there is clearly a rhythm which resembles that found in the poems of the Syrians and Arabs,

but there are many instances of its inconsistent use in several parts of the text.

Both rhyme and alliteration appear to be used occasionally

to charm away the toothache.


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