The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Sophia Pistis - African Bali Hai Introduction Blues

Elizabeth Puckett published on

sophia pistis operetic 
sciences of the imagination,  
Loyalty and love dream too heavy 
to stay in the aire.  
A historic marathon 
only some can breathe,  
but they are all 
tired of 
an illusion  
mind hiding 

Viva la


Patterns tell us, so many things

I don't make the rules, I just guarantee they are believable

perception = least understood of the senses

and the world cannot afford to retire on false security

The origin traces of the primate, compelled to possess beauty,
as art and science create a new dimension of information,
the sandstorm of confusion, reveals the mirror, humanity has been searching for.

But only after it has ceased picking it's own meat and bones 
like an animal determined to die a mortal.

  In my first feature,  Format obscura is a love letter, to whom it may concern, testing human moral imagination, where we've lived and worked all our lives, wont be uncritical, in it's reflexive anodyne, but when we look through a historical lens of public relations, propaganda, human art, and imagination...

What do we see?

...from your ancestors.

Who are we, what are we doing here, where are we going?

The origins of consciousness, through what we have created.
A gift to you, from your ancestors 
in graditude, for our eons of confusion.
Earth is what we earthists make it.
We are strong 
but illusions of success,

leadership a total illusion.
Millennials inherit the asylum 
Without the knowledge of a vast difference, 

between kindness

and weakness,
emperors and beggars, 
ultra goddess, 
and the devil. 
Born into this.

We have all truly earned it.
Calculating our Life

since the days of Moses.
But Crap entitlement,
and misguidance by possession's mega-illusion,

could never stray us 
from life's merciful 
and brave 

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