The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

Sun Abdullah Husain Ra Pur

Elizabeth Puckett published on

God is in the searching eyes, looking somewhere closer, than ourselves. In a Larry King interview it is very clear, she is not allowed to mention a number of things.  Before the Chelsea King perpetrator held trial, Larry King interviewed John Garner's  surviving victim, quoting "I can't believe you still go running" our subconscious behaves as the conscious mind, but if you are familiar with narrative closure it's possible to tell what she was avoiding, and following the case, and the police reports, it is clear what Larry King did not want to air on his program.   That a San Diego serial rapist & murderer, held financial motives, during the event .

 Those missing financial motives were a priority to pass community task force initiatives needed to commence a prescription crackdown that resulted in a heroin epidemic in my North County home; as opposed to a 2009 raise in minimum wage, which eventually took place anyway.  It is a miracle for me that life is so petty and dismal that I have managed to learn to rationalize every accident into an illuminating dimension?

 Well, it doesn't have to be a miracle, as I require asking for dignity, most of my crimes are not listed on the charges.   Because most of my crimes are of optimism.  True, I didn't try to steal anything except the show, but the charges of financial motive were tacked onto my 2015 Willing Recepta-Culture Caravan.  Destiny commands.  We must obey.  Nature does not waste, so neither shall we.  We get one quest, life is how we die, trust is how we fear.  According to T’ipai Native Law; Native men were never allowed near the Rancho Bernardo waterfall, where John Gardner attempted to rob, rape and possibly kill Candace Moncoya and where he in fact raped, killed and buried Chelsea King, adding to his career of serial rape and murder, solving the case of a missing person; Amber Dubois, whom he willingly took responsibility for her 2008 sexually motivated homicide while under questioning.  Unwittingly giving the courts power to provide imbalance to a grand scale inferiority matrices, miring our community at large, and most disgraceful; is our failure to our youth.

   A wonderful democracy,  prolific in so many resplendent or terrible suggestions.  Surprisingly, Paul Pfingst graciously declined my offer.  Ignorance is creative action's prison.  But when a war economy allows hitler manson to repeat it does not allow citizens to repeat the same struggle, it risks.  Anyone brave enough to tackle the insurmountable adversity in this struggle of a dilemma of the 21st Century able to endure.  This World Which Is Made of Our Love for Emptiness, I give my reverence to the court, if it pleases you to know; no one punishes me better than I do.


Sexy Draft Morning, A deeply felt chasm 

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