The Cultural Coldwars
Episode 1

"Will Recieve" the Musical

Elizabeth Puckett published on

Will Receive Where the cupboard once was bare Now it's stuffed and someone's there You got 'problems, hey, slop to bottom, hey It's a gas Just to crash his hormone State will want to reexamine time "Will Receive" arranged your life ITs sure made mine You're all clenching up ur thighs now, aren't you? Well, you got what you paid for I wouldn't mind having just one of yours Well go out and try then RAM it all done Mexico my world Grab a cab, c'mon See the senator choke on plenty of turds Will Receive Orchestra jumps balcony What they want cannot be me Keep the best of you Fill the rest of you Will Receive I have never seen it fail Debutante or chorus girl or wife Will Receive Yes, Will Receive Arranged my life

prostitute or corpse of girl or wife

"Will Receive" won't get you love Unless your poor

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