The DFL Show

Episode 32

Outstanding Swan Efficiency

Bradley Brownell published on

In this episode of your favorite motorsports programme, we have Brad, Stef, Pat, and Eric discussing the finer moments of the 2016 racing season. As a reflection on the year, we're taking an episode to dole out awards for myriad accomplishments. The 2016 categories are as follows: Best Race, Best Pass, Best Series, Worst Race, Worst Pass, Worst Driver, Worst Series, Most Improved Driver, Most Improved Series, Most Disappointing Driver, Most Disappointing Series, Biggest Deal Out Of Nothing, Biggest Off-The-Track Story, Most Original Engineering Idea, Prettiest Car, Ugliest Car, and then the big ones Car, Broadcaster, Non-Racer, Team, Jabroni, and Racer of the year

We had a grand time handing out our awards, but the real fun came when we did another DFL Mad Lib. This one is worth listening to if you're a fan of motorsports, ranting, and childish humor. Thanks for making The DFL Show a great haven of fun in an otherwise messy and disgusting year. 

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