Welcome to the Daily Standup! Let's Get Started! This is a great place for you to learn and explore all topics Agile related and hear some really cool battle stories about a day in the life of an Agile Coach & Certified Scrum Trainer. No extra charge for any Dad Jokes... They are all inclusive. 

This podcast is for all who perform in the role of Agile thinker, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Manager, Team Lead, Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Technical Analyst, and Team Member who want to know what works in Agile and how it can improve your professional life!  We answer the questions that are important to you and your organization and teach you to focus on outcome not output. 

We want to hear from you!  Let us know what topics you want to hear us discuss that will be most beneficial for you and your team.  You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or our Website - www.agiledad.com.  Submit questions you might have or topics you would like us to discuss at LearnMore@AgileDad.Com

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