The Daily Standup
Episode 331

10 Things a Boss Should Never Do… If they want to inspire people and earn respect

AgileDad published on

Being a leader in an organization can certainly be taxing! Leaders are constantly approached from all sides to create new ideas, formalize solutions, solve problems, and create opportunities. This means it is in your best interest to surround yourself with the best individuals to assist you with these responsibilities. In order to do the right things, you often need to know what NOT to do first.

  1. Don’t Govern with a “Death By Rules” Mentality
  2. Don’t anger easily
  3. Don’t bother your people during their time off
  4. Don’t misrepresent truth
  5. Don’t criticize publicly or praise privately
  6. Don’t put yourself first
  7. Don’t be inconsistent with expectations
  8. Don’t spy
  9. Don’t make people do things just so you look good
  10. Don’t micromanage
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