The Daily Standup
Episode 346

Are We Agile In Name Only?

AgileDad published on

How can we tell if we are really going about doing Agile the right way or if we are acting in Agile by name only? Join V. Lee Henson as he discusses some of the signs that you are in need of a strong Agile coach or trainer to help your organization:

Neglecting stakeholder feedback
Release, delivery, and or deployment is painful at best
Change requests are unjustified
Changes are not well accepted by the team
QA Is not a coherent part of the process
Lack of communication causes loads of rework
Nonessential ideas are internally promoted
Managers & Leaders talk way more than they listen
Excessive review layers exist
Too many meetings where the team is required to attend
The best people are sliced over a zillion things in flight
Managers overturn team decisions
Everything is a number one priority

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