The Daily Standup
Episode 250

Celebrate Episode 250! - DON'T Do "The Agile"... Do Mini-Waterfalls Instead?

AgileDad published on

If you ONLY listen to ONE Podcast episode ever, make this the one you listen to! What a way to celebrate Episode 250 of The Daily Standup Podcast! Have you ever caught yourself, your team, or your company trying to do "the agile"? Has the light weight framework spiraled out of control and turned into a heavy weight process? Are you finding yourself a slave to the never-ending backlog or the never complete to-do list? Do you struggle with managing time and scope? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, this is the episode for you! Join V. Lee Henson, President and Founder of AgileDad as we explore all of the aspects of doing better Agile that will change both your personal and or professional life. 

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