The Daily Standup
Episode 323

Don't BLOW Your Shot! - Being a Strong Agile Leader

AgileDad published on

What if you only had ONE chance to introduce Agile into your organization and make it work? Don't BLOW your shot. Join V. Lee Henson, President and Founder of AgileDad as we explore the Acronym BLOW and how it can make you a better leader: 

B = Belief - You need to believe in the people, all of them, and their ability to build incredible products or services. 
L = Leadership - Do you have cognitive bias? Or do you approach everything with an open growth mindset? Are you solid on your vision and how you will fulfill your strategy? 
O = Opportunity - Are you aware of what opportunities are going to help you focus on what is best to do strategically for the organization? 
W = Worth - Ar eyou treating people with dignity and respect? Do you know and appreciate the value of surrounding yourself with powerful & motivated people? 

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