The Daily Standup
Episode 289

Exploring Boyd's OODA Loop - Action

AgileDad published on

Acting on the outcome map.

Having decided on an agreed outcome map, teams are now ready to act. Teams take the output of the outcome map, and bring it back to the Story map.

The Story Map should reflect the chosen course of action.

Release slices or outcomes are placed to the left of the story map in order. The cards on the right are reordered and sliced further to defined the minimum work required to achieve the desired outcome.

These cards now form the basis for execution with your chosen delivery framework.

Completing any outcome completes a single OODA loop and provides some information that influences future decisions. A team focused on learning will use this information to drive the next decision loop.

These activities can easily be completed within a few hours, and set an agreed direction of one or two months.

Accelerating through the OODA loop by regularly reviewing and revising the Risk Impact map and the Outcome map will ensure teams adjusts their direction based on the changing realities of their environment.

With so many factors affecting delivery, this approach should help your teams to apply a basic OODA loop ensuring that they are always making the best possible decisions available to them.

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