The Daily Standup
Episode 330

Five Ways to Say No Gracefully to Product Ideas

AgileDad published on

Have you ever wanted to build the perfect product or service? Or have you ever thought to yourself that you could build a better mousetrap? Did Henry Ford truly succeed when he started his first business? How can we better focus on problems and not jump straight to solutions? Join V. Lee Henson, President and Founder of AgileDad as we explore these questions and learn the 5 ways to say no:


1. Show them the data — Be Clear If this is a Problem or a Solution

2. Nail Your Customer Problem first. Write it down by framing the customer problem using a Problem Hypothesis Template.

3. Test the riskiest assumptions from your customer problem using Quantitative & Qualitative data.

4. Come up with at least 3–4 Solutions

5. Offer to test the solutions with using MVP’s

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