The Daily Standup
Episode 223

How Many Daily Standups Should I Attend Per Day?

AgileDad published on

The questions was originally made in jest, but how many standup meetings should I attend a day Many companies really still suffer from death by meeting. One proposed solution, 

As a team member, you will attend one daily stand-up per day. As a member of three teams, you should be attending one daily stand-up per team.

Assuming that each daily stand-up maintains its allocated 15-minute timebox, and you work for a standard 8 hours per day, which includes one 45-minute lunch break and one 15-minute coffee break, that leaves us 7 working hours.

The solution is therefore to become a member of 28 teams and spend all day, every day, doing nothing but attending daily stand-ups.

Wake up, stand up, sleep, repeat.

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